Daria Snyder

if you have been amazed by the interior and exterior plant design of a major national brand, there's a good chance that daria snyder was involved. she recognizes that great national brand experiences all have consistency and creativity in common. that type of insight and vision has been driving many well-known brands across the country to utilize her services. daria is responsible for developing, designing and implementing national consumer sites - including interiors, exteriors and holiday decor programs. she has the uncanny ability to meet with a customer and immediately understand their brand and their vision and can instantly create a solution & plan that best works for them. daria is a great communicator and is a stickler for details and works incredibly fast - without ever missing a beat. daria holds a bachelor's degree in fine arts from manhattanville college in ny and has been in the interior plantscape industry for 28 years. her ability to translate art into functional, inspiring spaces has earned her the loyalty of some of the biggest brands in north america.

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