it’s important to find a landscape contractor with the skills, experience and ability to complete your project. blondie’s approaches each of our projects with a dedicated team and a project manager, so no matter what phase of the project, you know who’s in charge, and have a consistent point of contact. Our portfolio includes both large-scale commercial programs and intimate residential projects. From working with a team of developers and designers to providing a complete landscape design, Blondie's services are flexible and reliable.

Feature Project | 325 Kent Domino Sugar Factory

Domino Sugar Factory, Brooklyn NY 720

Each project begins with establishing a sturdy foundation, upon which all preceding steps rely. over several stages, the design transforms from rough conceptual sketches and ideas to rich color renderings, and finally detailed cad drawings and full landscape construction documents. during each step of this process, client and designer meet to review, discuss and revise before moving forward. Specializing in custom urban landscapes including roof decks, terraces, courtyards and entry gardens blondie's transforms concept and vision into realized functional design.

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Feature Project | Roof Top 23rd Street NYC

JMG's refined structural and architectural garden elements seamlessly complement existing site conditions. equally important is the level of plantsmanship exhibited in all projects. plants are carefully selected and placed to maximize their effect both as single specimens as well as in larger plant compositions. creating beautiful solutions to the complexity of urban landscape design. we offer a full range of services for residential and corporate clients including consultation, garden design, installation and maintenance.

Green Walls


Exterior replica products offer a great option for high traffic and public areas; providing a low-maintenance alternative to landscaping, privacy screening and container design.See More

Seasonal Design

Capturing the spirit of each season, entry containers and gardens, public and common areas, are designed using seasonal color palettes, plants and flowers.

Exterior Services

Landscape projects vary in scope and duration, and commonly include plant specification, recommendations for best practices, irrigation system and maintenance advice and green roof consulting. We provide real world advice to clients in an independent role, free of obligations to designers, architects or contractors. Often we partner with various firms to install and maintain a selected and approved design. The diversity of blondie’s services allows us to be involved in a job at any level necessary; design, construction, installation and maintenance. We maintain flexibility to better serve you.

  • Landscape Architecture
  • Landscape Design + Graphics
  • Design + Build Consultation
  • Permitting + Expediting
  • Project Management
  • Plant And Materials Procurement + Installation
  • Landscape Maintenance Program
  • Seasonal Color Program
  • Container Design + Maintenance
  • Irrigation Services
  • Lighting Design
  • Pruning And Arborist Services
  • Hardscaping
  • Quality Assurance Program