22’ Wreath at Grand Central Station

What’s 22’ wide, hangs over midtown, weighs an actual ton, and is loved by one and all? It’s no easy feat dressing up a gigantic transit hub, much less an icon, a landmark, an architectural and engineering marvel in the heart of the busiest city in the world-  We proudly present Grand Central Terminal’s absolutely enormous wreath, displayed about as prominently as it gets, and delivering holiday cheer to Midtown in dramatic fashion. No fewer than twelve individual frames support this gargantuan wreath, which clocks in at over 22’ in diameter. The oversize custom red bow is 13.5’ wide, adorned with twin 15’ tails. Our state-of-the-art control system acts as the brains of the wreath, directing a dazzling array of custom light displays. Adorned with over 7,400 lights, this wreath boasts over a mile of lights! Happy Holidays, NYC!

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New York Post | Office building rooftops, terraces are multiplying with a vengeance

Why do 90% of new buildings in NYC include landscaped outdoor space? Why are owners of existing commercial properties racing to add terraces, roof decks and courtyards to their amenities? The answer is simple- ROI. The Post takes a close look at one of the hottest trends in NY real estate- Outdoor spaces built to attract deep-pocketed tenants, and they’ve uncovered some pretty compelling findings. Savvy landlords have recognized that these spaces are a major attraction, and tenants are willing to pay more for offices with a terrace or roof deck- 14% more, according to a recent study by global real estate firm CBRE. Inexpensive compared with other high-priced building upgrades, outdoor space is a smart way to boost a buildings appeal and stand out against competing properties.

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Innisfree Award

The Innisfree Lexington Store was announced as a 2019 NYCxDESIGN Awards Finalist in the Large Retail category. This is in addition to the Retail Design Institute Award that has already been won for this store.

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